Here you can find the topics I’m planning to write about somewhere in the future.

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  • First post
  • Contact information
  • Comment section

How to

  • How to overcome procrastination
  • How to start a blog
  • How to setup a Linux home server
  • How to setup a personal NAS


  • Chromecast digital media player
  • Chromecast audio digital audio player
  • Raspberry Pi 3 single board computer
  • Dell Latitude 7490 laptop
  • Buffalo LinkStation 441D NAS


  • ‘try…catch…finally’ done right
  • Logging with purpose / Logging done right
  • Daily git dose / Git done right
  • Overcome bad comment habits / commenting done right
  • Using Git patches
  • Get along without ‘objects’ (C)
  • OpenCV examples (C++)
  • Eventhandler example (C#)
  • Backgroundworker example (C#)
  • How to tackle performance issues (C#)
  • With or without LINQ (C#)


  • The 3…10 things important in life
  • Life with chronic pain
  • Life without dairy products
  • “Living the dream”
  • “All in the Family” in real life

Lesson learned

  • Managing personal finance
  • Avoiding clutter
  • Necessity vs desire